Custom Trellises Arbors and Pergolas

Structures that Bring a Touch of Charm to Your Outdoor Area
One of the most charming and attractive additions you can make to your outdoor living area are trellises arbors and pergolas. These three types of structures, which have a very similar and distinct look, exude a warmth and inviting quality to your property that is very special. They can be a place where special moments are shared or simply a conversation piece for neighbors and guests. Contact us today to find out all the variety of styles and sizes for these decorative structures.

The trellis is the most basic of these structures and a commonly used for supporting plants and climbing vines, which bind themselves to the wood. Trellises can be made with both vertical or horizontal bars spaced in creative patterns and can also serve as an addition to a fence or a gate.


Arbors are vertical structures made from either wood or iron that can serve several different purposes. They can provide shelter and shade, they can offer privacy or act as an entryway for properties or paths, and they also be simply decorative giving a distinctive accent to the surrounding landscape. While similar in appearance to a trellis, arbors are larger and can be either freestanding or attached to the home.


Pergolas are commonly the largest of these three types of structures, often utilizing several columns or beams for support. They can be very intricate with lattice work and other design features, including a full canopy. Like arbors, pergolas can be used for shelter and gateways or, in larger versions, they can be used in similar fashion to a gazebo with seating and full overhead covering. Let us know your preferences and we can help you find just the right trellis, arbor or pergola for your outdoor living area.

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